Tuesday, December 7, 2010


පට්ට ලස්සන
කෙල්ලො ඔක්කොම
පට්ට පජාත
කොල්ලොන්ට ලව්.

Fuck you bitch!

She walks and talks like queen Elizabeth the 2nd
With a gentle sway in her own snobbish way
Her fiery tongue knows no limits
She hangs on to every minute mistake I commit

She thinks she is so damn pretty
But I’m sorry missy
You’re like the world most worst
Koththu Rotty

I wonder what she do or say
If I suggest her with kindness and love
To go and fucking Jump
in The Beare Lake

I really hate to tell you
that i cannot really scratch
Or touch that itch
all i have to say is that,
Fuck you bitch!

Lovin Hate...

love makes us weak
it brings us to our knees
makes us blind
and turn you in to a child
detach us from the real
tangle us up in an
illusion so surreal

so forget the love
and learn to hate
hate begins
where love ends
hate is freedom
and your best friend

start by hating your self
your life and your years
and then your peers
and all the world
get lost in your fears
drown in your tears

learn to love hate...