Friday, August 14, 2009


your lying in the bed
and your head is twisted
you try to get up
but you feel like you dead

you know you have to keep healthy
be organized and exercise
your mind its too heavy
its filled up with logical lies

with the TV, your radio turned on loud
and neighbours complaining
about the sound
on the sofa, you pass out

you felt like drowning yourself
in the bath tub, but its too shallow
then you feel like drinking some poison
then it turned out to be good medicine

you just got no reason or a purpose
to keep on going on
you ask yourself, why was i even born
so dependent, so unable, so helpless like a baby

there you are in the corner sitting naked
all alone head down and arms wrapped around your legs
walls closing in, blood slowly dripping
your body is rotting and flies buzzing

you stay up through the night
with the lights turned off in the dark
you want to paint your face black
and start to listen to some heavy rock

your fed up with you phony fiends
you feel like you've been used
confused, even more misunderstood
by the times and by your parents

i just cant look at you
when your totally in black
i can tell that i cant save you
it is you, who has the ability to

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  1. Expressive words
    the way of writing as usual is great and the use of words is also nice
    Good Job Brother