Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Clown wants to know

hey Mr!
do have doubts about your spouse
is it like war inside your house
can you feel the world turning
and your dreams burning

hey woman!
do you have a purpose or a mission
or you just repeat Hollywood fashion
does your daddy give you money
or you helpless bunny

hey boy!
do you believe that your smart
can you even finish what you start
were you torched in school
no your not a fool

hey mother!
do you want your son to reach so high
if he mistreat you would you cry
what if he dies, before he even try
to make you satisfy

hey preacher!
do you interpret your lord
for your own benefits and rewards
your a bold killer with a sword
a complete fraud

hey you!
what will you do if you got cancer
would you say "
I'm sorry my father
I'm sorry my mother
I'm sorry my brother
I'm sorry my sister
I was wrong, all along "


  1. "Playing and acting in different roles
    on the life drama dais
    Laughing and crying at times as per the
    scheduled prearranged bias"

    Fantastic portrayal of feel..such deep and intense wordings....great feeling, superb expression
    so compelling......very very well written

  2. The Wall..Pink floyd