Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lets swim...

Let me take you to the heaven
save you from your ordinary prison
your normal life
let me drink from your portion
let me eat the fruit of your garden
I'm a hungry person

Swim in the river of Ecstasy
little child
Swallow my medicine and you'll feel all right
sick child
Release your self completely over me
beautiful child
Close your eyes and realize
you foolish child

To your bed i will come
in the night of the darkness
with all my evil and my enemies
yes, gently i will touch and taste
your sweet soft skin
while your asleep in your bed

Lets swim...

Come to me your mine and I'm your
and no,one can come between us
you can also give it a try
I'll bury my soul my heart
my body and mind
inside you my child

Oh you don't have to be afraid
No you don't need to hide
You just surrender your mind
You just let me inside
You will get so high
and so will i
My sweet child
My wicked child
My cruel child
My hungry child

Lets swim ......

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