Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The day dream...

have ever seen
a day dream
so real
and so sad

you got lifted
from your bed
you feel happy
and free

and your flying in the sky through the clouds
between the birds and Airplanes
you look down and you can see tiny people buildings and trees
they look so funny
after a while you notice that you are a kite
and someone is holding the other end of line
and suddenly he lets go

you come gliding down
settle slowly
on the grass
in some strange land

when you open you eyes
you are surrounded by
little colorful clowns
midgets and freaks

they tell you to follow them and you do just as they say
they dress you and paint you and play games with you
a little girl hold your hand, she holds a flower in her other hand
she guides you into a big circus and suddenly you notice that
your also a clown

the ring master gives you the grandest of welcomes
as he says to you to jump through the ring of fire
a quite successful jump you perform for the cheers of the crowd
but you a bit burnt and a bit torn and unhappy

now in the night
you sit by
your caravan
all alone

you look up
see the starry sky
wonder what all this is about
confused and misused

have ever seen
a day dream
and at the end of it all
your dead

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