Saturday, November 27, 2010

my name is hate...

when your farther hit
your mother with a hammer
you poor baby blue, run
and hide in the corner

when no one hears your
whispering prayer
just call my name
and I'll be there

my name is hate
the serpent of Satan
under your bed, i'm hidin

when you see your fiancee
fucking a goat
laughing at you
pissin down your throat

you feel an angry itch
a pain in the butt
call me, and i'll be there
no matter what

my name is hate
and im here to stay
i cannot be erased

when your boss tells
to bend down like dog
and you fell like the shit
that reside by the road

euthanasia" u scream
no more you can talk
like a Messiah, i'll be
comin through the dark

my name is hate
you cannot make me fade
no need to be afraid

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